Contact & Location

Mellau Vorarlberg Austria

We look forward to you!
Maria and Josef Frick and the whole team from Hotel Bären.

Hotel Bären GmbH & Co KG
Platz 66, A-6881 Mellau


Travel for free by bike

If you arrive by bike climate-neutral you will receive a bonus

  • EUR 50 voucher for all services at the Hotel Bären.

We ask that you contact us by email or on 0043 5518 2207

Train, Bus, Taxi

The best way is to take the train to Bregenz or Dornbirn. There you can change to the bus to Bezau or Mellau (approx. 50 min. travel time). The bus stop is in front of the hotel. Timetable at or 

Taxicompany Veli, Tel .: 0043 664 5233477

Nearest Airports

St. Gallen/Altenrhein, Switzerland (50 km)
Friedrichshafen, Germany (70 km)
Allgäu Airport Memmingen, Germany (110 km)
Zurich, Switzerland (150 km)
Innsbruck, Austria (180 km)
Munich, Germany (250 km)
Stuttgart, Germany (250 km)

Book your personal shuttle transfer from or to the airport directly from the Hotel Bären via