Sauna & Relax

"Build your sauna first and then your house" is a Finnish proverb. Our sauna also got a special place: above the roofs of Mellau you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Mellental and the surrounding mountains. There is no music, no pointless decoration: sweating is the physical process of purification - the psychological one is the perception of the body and the dedication to health - nothing should distract from it.

Take a deep breath

A large Finnish sauna made from local linden wood, various showers, a cold bucket, a Kneipp hose, a terrace with fresh air and a relaxarium with a view of the mountains - nothing more and nothing less. Everything you need for the ritual and to create a sense of wellbeing. Simply perfect after a long day of skiing, after a rainy hike or just to relax and regenerate.

In the relaxation room we offer fine teas and snacks for your well-being.