Design + Architecture

Hotel in Vorarlberg, Alps
We have renovated the characterful Hotel Bären in 2015 with much respect from top to bottom. We kept many original elements and filled the house with a modern spirit. Together with Architect DI Bernd Frick, we have worked to adapt the house to our time and mind.


In the beginning of 1800 there was already the Gasthof Bären in the center of Mellau. After the great village fire of 1870 master builder Romedius Wacker built a modern, massive hotel - at this time the pride of the region, where guests from near and far lodged. Since the house opened the doors for the first time in 1872, the massive stone building, which is untypical for the Bregenzerwald, is an integral part of the village Mellau.

Limit everything to the essentials, but do not remove the poetry

The main focus of our work was to find the fine balance between modern life and the relaxation that comes from the lack of this kind of life. The design in the hotel follows principles of simplicity, regional connectivity, naturalness, detail awareness and emotional warmth.

With the use of durable, sustainable materials and processing, we do not promote the industrial, but the craftsmanship principle. Vorarlberg and the Bregenzerwald is a good place for this.